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Australian Society of Authors (ASA)
The Australian Society of Authors is the professional association for Australia's literary creators. The ASA was formed in 1963 to promote and protect the rights of Australia's authors and illustrators, and now has almost 3,000 members across Australia.

Australian Copyright Council

The Australian Copyright Council is an independent not for profit organisation.We provide information, advice and training about copyright in Australia

Victorian Writers' Centre

The VWC is a not-for-profit organisation which assists writers through the various stages of their development. Provides high quality information and professional development services for aspiring and established writers.

ACT Writers Centre
The ACT Writers Centre offers writing workshops, seminars, an informative newsletter, access to computers and printers, the Marian Eldridge Resource Library, free meeting space for member organisations, advice and referral.

NSW Writers' Centre

The Centre offers literary resources and professional information to established and aspiring writers of all kinds. It provides a spacious venue for events such as book launches, readings, literary evenings and lectures as well as meeting spaces for writers' groups and literary organisations.

NT Writers' Centre
Despite our small population, the Territory has an abundance of writers and a lively literary scene. The NT Writers' Centre has 250 members throughout Darwin and the regions, who range from hobby writers to published authors.

QLD Writers' Centre
the Queensland Writers Centre promotes skills development and professional practice, and works to advance the recognition of Queensland writers and writing, locally and nationally.

SA Writers' Centre
The Centre acts as a resource centre for writers of all ages and experiences. We focus on writing activities and work with a wide range of organisations to promote and encourage writers and literature in society. We assist new and established writers on every aspect of writing, such as publishing, performing and presentation and have a vast range of useful reference books and a library with over 1600 books mainly donated by South Australian writers.

TAS Writers' Centre

The core business of the Tasmanian Writers' Centre is the delivery of a range of services that meets the needs of writers at significant points in their careers. The TWC also aims to promote Tasmanian writing to local, interstate and international audiences.

WA State Literature Centre
Everything you want to know about writing and publishing in WA

Writing Comedy (Writing Handbooks S.) 
Writing Comedy (Writing Handbooks S.)
This updated edition looks at all the latest markets for comedy writers, with new material on writing 'The Office' style docu-comedies, writing for children's TV, and even how to try out your own jokes in stand-up comedy routines. Comedy has blossomed into one of the most high profile and glamorous areas of the entertainment industry but it is often perceived as one of the hardest writing jobs. In the third edition of this highly regarded handbook, John Byrne breaks down the basics of writing comedy into simple steps and shows how to make the most of your writing talent and your ability to market that talent.
Writing Handbooks: Ghostwriting (Writing Handbooks)
Writing Handbooks:
Ghostwriting (Writing Handbooks)

Ghostwriting is a thriving, secretive industry. As a ghostwriter you can create best-selling books for film stars, footballers, pop singers, presidents, business tycoons, gangsters, gurus, spies, mercenaries, courtesans, four-star generals, royals and anyone else with an interesting story to tell. This book reveals all the essential secrets of how to turn ghostwriting into a successful and lucrative career. Andrew Crofts has ghosted more than forty books, many of them international bestsellers, including Sold by Zana Muhsen (nearly 4 million copies sold), The Kid by Kevin Lewis, Heroine of the Desert by Donya Al-Nahi, Kathy and Me by Gillian Taylforth and Crocodile Shoes by Jimmy Nail.
Writing Biography and Autobiography (Writing Handbooks S.)
Writing Biography and Autobiography (Writing Handbooks S.)
Many of us have wanted to write a life-story but have been unsure how to set about it or how to bring such a project to completion. Whether you are planning to write about your own family or research the life of a famous historical figure, this book will assist, advise and encourage you. The author looks at all aspects of writing biography and autobiography, including: the reasons for biographical writing; choosing your subject; identifying your audience; research methods; organising the information; and writing up your material. There are also sections on legal issues, copyright and finding a publisher.
Writing Dialogue for Scripts (Writing Handbooks S.) 
Writing Dialogue for Scripts (Writing Handbooks S.)T
his work deals with the media of stage, radio, television and film, giving plenty of practical advice. It includes examples of the most recent scripted dialogue. Chapters deal with how conversation works, naturalistic and stylized dialogue, pace and variation, scripted narration, comic dialogue and presentation. As well as highlighting the ways in which dialogue varies from one medium to another, this work shows how many of the skills of writing dialogue may in fact be applied to all the script media.
Writing Poetry 
Writing Poetry
A wonderful, positive, practical handbook packed with advice, exercises, and information. Beginning with what makes poetry, the author describes the different forms, how and what to start writing, finding an audience, and getting published.

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Stories from the OZ
Online opportunity for writers to publish their short stories, poems, reviews, chapter examples or whatever it is they are interested in writing

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